Get hiking

Since the 18th Century, hiking has been a widely undertaken pastime. From Wordsworth to Coleridge to Keats, Britain has a rich history of walking through the countryside for pleasure. Mass trespasses by ramblers in the Peak district in 1932 lead to the passing of Mountain Access Bill, which eventually guaranteed the British people’s ‘right to roam’ the countryside.
As a result, hiking is one of the most popular and accessible activities in the UK. With thousands of square miles of beautiful countryside throughout the country and minimal barriers to access, hiking is a healthy way to spend time outdoors that can be as relaxing or as challenging as you make it.

Getting Started

Hiking/walking/rambling in the UK is so popular and accessible that wherever you are, you can feel assured that a good rambling route is never far away. Visit these links to find out more about hiking in the UK:
The National Trails – You’ll find everything you need to plan your visit to the best Trails in England and Wales, whether you’re looking for a family day out, a short walk, ride, a really good ice cream or a life-changing long distance walk experience.
Ramblers – Britain’s walking charity. Find routes, seek expert advice, campaign for walkers rights and more.
The National Trust – Walking – Find a walking route or event.


Walking is associated with numerous health benefits; both physical and mental. Walking is not only proven to benefit the cardiovascular system, but is associated with enhanced creativity, clarity of thought and providing a sense of inner calm, being at one with one’s environment.